Welcome to Free Bike Help PDX!  My name is Dan and I set up shop on Williams at various points North of Broadway so that I may offer free mechanical help, advice, and  a high five to folks riding home around evening rush hour.

WHY:  Because I have the time/freedom and expertise to help my neighbors with no agenda other than to be kind and helpful.  I often see bikes that need small adjustments to make them safe, dependable, and quiet.  I’m here to help you ride around safely at no cost.  I know how much it hurts to trade 2 or 3 hours of your labor at a slave-wage job that you hate to make your bike dependable enough to commute to said job.  And besides, if everyone did something at which they’re good for free, no one would have to work some awful job in the first place.    And if you just want to stop by and talk about bikes and such, I’m glad do that as well.

TIPS/DONATIONS:   Nope.  Free is great and money makes things sticky, though I will accept fruit, veggies, and soy-free vegan baked goods (i.e. PB Brownies)!  Barter is good.

WHAT: Fixes generally include tightening brakes, adjusting seat and seatpost clamp, tire inflation, chain lube, headset and derailleur adjustment, diagnosing weird sounds, and giving a rundown of what your bike needs doing and where you can get it done.

I don’t sell parts or change tires, but you’re welcome to use my tire levers and pump.

Free Bike Help and Advice in Portland, OR.  Mechanic