Just Moved To Portland And Need A Used Bike ?

I remember when I moved to town and was waiting for my bike to arrive in the mail.  It took 5 days and I took the bus everywhere while I waited.  Of course, there’s nothing wrong with taking the bus, especially if you want to get a taste of TriMet culture (which is REALLY interesting) and don’t mind all the waiting,  but when my bike came a whole world of possibility and freedom opened up.  I suddenly was able to navigate Portland on my terms!

So, If you’re new to town and would like a bike while you scope out the scene but aren’t ready to commit to buying a new or used / refurbished / vintage bike, renting a bike is an obvious option.  It’s also a great way to become familiar with Portland’s bike lanes and neighborhood greenways that you’ll be riding on your way to play, work, eat, play, and eat some more when you get settled.


Indeed! Bike Rentals in NE Portland!

Finally!  Sick of driving your LandRover across the river to rent a bike on the waterfront?  Well, now you can just head on up to Going St. and 19th to my new venture, Everybody’s Bike Rentals!  We offer vintage road  bikes and commuters for 1 day to 1 month for very reasonable prices.  Call 503.893.4519 for your appointment or visit www.pdxbikerentals.com for rates and more info.

I am legit, so sayeth Bicycling Magazine

What’s got two thumbs and never thought he’d be “featured” in the same magazine as Hincapie? Notice the stack of pancakes directly above. Truly a dream come true.

Opt Out Bikes!

Check it out! Optoutbikes.wordpress.com Definitely not free, but, well, you know.

Hibernation time

Well, folks. It seems like the first of hopefully multiple FBH seasons has come to a close. I had a lot of great interactions with y’all, my fellow Portland residents and learned a thing or two about bikes in the process. I also learned a good deal about the local culture (bike or other) and how bikes are perceived by all types of people. So, barring some drastic change to my life or Portland, I’ll see you all in the drier and lighter months next year. I’m still glad to give any advice I can via the interweb. Check out the FBH page on facebook if you’re in the mood for pictures of japanese component catalogs from the 80s (how obscure!). I think they’re neat. TTYS!

Back in Biz-ness

After my 3 week hiatus I’ll be back on the street slingin’ advice and hi fives this week.  Check out this totally incorrectly built Bianchi I saw in Milwaukee.  Can you spot all that’s bogus?

Free Bike Help Schedule

I’ll be posting my days and times, generally day of, on the facebook FBH&A PDX page. But it’s a good bet I”ll be out 2-4X per week from 4-7ish when it’s nice out.